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Netmon Screenlet v0.2 released

March 21, 2008

I have released v0.2 of my Netmon Screenlet, grab from

v0.2 (20/03/2008)
– Added options to disable upload/download data so you can have two seperate graphs should you want to.
– Added bit/byte display.
– Added line-graph mode with the option to fill (Now the default as I think it looks nicer 😉
– Added line-width option
– Added configurable text, now YOU get to decide what info to display 🙂
– Reworked the graph scaling, you can now overscale by a percentage and/or scale the graph to a certain size.
– Changed the default colors to opaque so people without compositing can see things. (Damn you screenlets .12)


Netmon Screenlet v0.1 released!

February 21, 2008

Decided to release my DU-Meter style screenlet, you can grab it from as usual 🙂