Lo, you’ve found my dumping ground for my crappy code, hope you enjoy it 😀


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Carlos Says:


    I just wanted you to know I’m working on a ¿fork? of some of your screenlets, mainly sensor type ones, adding some more options and unifying their style.
    Ok, code is GPL’d and all, but I though it would be kinder to contact you first 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind.

    PD: It would be nice to collaborate, mail me if you’re intersted… though i should warn you: it’s my first time on python+cairo and for now my coding is a bit ugly

  2. Shep Says:

    Hi, I’ve got some code to contribute to your AllCoreCPU screenlet.

    In at least Ubuntu 8.04 there are more values in the /proc/stat CPU lines and their meanings seem to have shifted. Mine currently looks like this:
    cat /proc/stat
    cpu 277097 10682411 153327 13602842 20902 1449 23318 0 0
    cpu0 92339 1917997 40321 4089975 14654 1449 23271 0 0
    cpu1 83009 1932749 38911 4186874 1819 0 27 0 0
    cpu2 51057 3415950 36958 2664119 2295 0 8 0 0
    cpu3 50691 3415714 37136 2661873 2131 0 11 0 0

    After some analysis and comparisons to gnome-system-monitor results I think its the 1st and 2nd value that represent the user and system usage. I’ve not found a revised man doc or other source to confirm the new /proc/stat definition (but I’ve also not looked very hard).

    Within updateGUI() I’ve done the following:
    if cpuNum 100: self.cpu[cpuNum]=100
    if self.cpu[cpuNum] < 0: self.cpu[cpuNum]=0
    # support multiple /proc/stat formats
    if int(len(info)) < 10: infoVal = int(info[1]) + int(info[3])
    else: infoVal = int(info[1]) + int(info[2])
    if self.style == 1: #Graph style
    self.cpuGraph[cpuNum].pop(0) # get rid of old value
    self.cpuGraph[cpuNum].append( infoVal – self.oldcpu[cpuNum] ) #add new one
    self.cpu[cpuNum] = infoVal – self.oldcpu[cpuNum]
    self.oldcpu[cpuNum] = infoVal #save value for next time

    Thanks for a great scrpt.

  3. Khushnood Qadir Says:

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