Leechr released – bugfix

Another bug fix!

v0. (with helpers.dat v44) – Released 14 Dec 2010
– Fixed crash when Leechr got could not contact the usenet server.
– helpers.dat changes:
v44 (14 Dec 2010):
daily-shows > Added ‘Conan’


8 Responses to “Leechr released – bugfix”

  1. Dirk Says:


    I started to follow the show ‘Sons of Anarchy’, however on nzbs.org their appears to be circulating a French dubbed version which I really don’t want. However leechr is trying to force me to download the french dubbed version. You can recognize the version because the name of the NZB contains the word “French”. Is it possible to ignore NZB’s that contain certain words such as “French” or “Dubbed”?

    • ashysoft Says:

      ‘Dubbed’ is already a banned word and posts with it should be ignored, if this is not the case there is a bug.
      Can you email me (address in readme) a log of this occurring (preferably with debug mode enabled: add debug to the command line), I can’t test it myself as I do not have a nzbs.org account. Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Dirk Says:


    No it’s not like that. It is a French dubbed version but the name does never mention dubbed, only french. For example: sons.of.anarachy.sxex.french for example.
    So then my question is if I can specify that NZB’s with certain words should be ignored..?

  3. Startreksteve Says:

    Any Idea how long the downtime is gonna be at NZBclub.com?

  4. H3rman Says:

    How about filestripping based on filesize. eg. delete all files under 10MB except when file extension = “srt, ……..”

    Also fetching epsiode names from myepisodes would be nice.

    Bought you a couple of beers btw.. cheers mate

  5. Mishka Says:

    I have found that leechr wont pickup anime eps from nzbindex and nzbclub whilst the nzb’s are avalible. My Guess is that you have some code filtering keywords such as Subed Subtitled ect is there a block of code i can change in the .conf to turn this feature off?

  6. Dave W Says:

    Hey ashysoft..
    are you still maintaining this software?
    As it appears that nzbclub has borked something again 😦

  7. Steve Says:

    I just got a dognzb account, can this be incorporated into Leechr?

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