Leechr released!

Sorry, I introduced a bug while fixing the last one 😉
Everything should work again


3 Responses to “Leechr released!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hi, I’m getting a new error :

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./leechr.py”, line 276, in
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 1716, in
    res = searcher.search(query)
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 1197, in search
    return self.searcher.search(query)
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 810, in search
    items = self.init_search(query2)
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 750, in init_search
    page = retrieve_url(self.RSS_BASE_URL % query, self.FRIENDLY_NAME)
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 206, in retrieve_url
    h = openURL(url)
    File “/Library/Scripts/Leechr/main.py”, line 192, in openURL
    except (urllib2.HTTPError, e):
    NameError: global name ‘e’ is not defined

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