Leechr released.

A few more updates for you all 🙂

v0.4.8.6 (with helpers.dat v42) – Released 28 Oct 2010
– Leechr now checks content of .avi and .mkv files.
– Dashes will now be removed from show names when searching with NZBMatrix.
– Added NZBs.org support (untested as I do not have an account, can anyone help me out?)
– helpers.dat changes:
v42 (28 Oct 2010):
sd-shows > added ‘The Inbetweeners’


3 Responses to “Leechr released.”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great stuff, fixed the dashes problem! One issue I have now is that leechr always gives this error when it runs :

    [!] Disabled ‘NZBs’ module as auth string is not set.

    What needs to be set to enable this? I’ve entered all my auth details for all services in the conf file. Also, NZBMatrix keeps giving the error :

    [!] Error: nzbmatrix.com had a problem. ()

    Sorry to be such a pain!


  2. ashysoft Says:

    NZBMatrix problem should be fixed now.

    NZBS_AUTHENTICATION_STRING needs to be set in your conf for NZBs.org

  3. startreksteve Says:

    Leechr totally failing now with this error:

    Trying NZBIndex module..
    No results.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “leechr.py”, line 276, in
    File “/home/steve/leechr/main.py”, line 1822, in
    if not tmpFilename:
    NameError: name ‘tmpFilename’ is not defined

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