Leechr: Helpers v38

v38 (15 Feb 2010):
alt-names > ’18 Kids and Counting’ > added ’19 Kids and Counting’
ep-shift > ‘The Little Couple’ > added S02E03-S02E17 > S02E01-S02E15


11 Responses to “Leechr: Helpers v38”

  1. Jahni Says:

    You should team up with http://code.google.com/p/sickbeard/ that way we can have a nice interface plus all your great stuff with out the need to have a my episodes account.

  2. Cannings Says:

    Hmm there seems to be a problem with nzbclub again giving empty files, would there be a way to add a error checking on, that if a file isn’t downloaded due to one of the checks, it goes to the next nzb source as opposed to just moving onto the next show?

  3. Chris Says:

    Is MyEpisodes.com down for everyone? Any idea of the cause/ whether it’ll be back up again/ possible replacement?

  4. Chucky Says:

    Same problem here. Myepisodes.com is down. I hope it will be back soon!

  5. Scott Says:

    sounds like myepisodes is having a nightmarish server experience

  6. kalkie Says:

    myepisodes website seems up, although the rss feed from the website isn’t. It show “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems”. Maybe Leechr needs a new episode provider?

  7. Peaayetee Says:

    new user, great so far. Quick question. Does the program automatically update when new episodes air or do you have to manually run it every time new episodes come out. Thanks in advance.

  8. robert Says:

    @Peaayetee: You need to run it to check for NZB files. I have leechr scheduled as a cron / schedulded task that runs 4am 5am 6am 7am every day (UKTIme)

  9. Smulders Says:

    I recently have a lot of trouble with fake password files on usenet. Some suggestions to avoid these files:

    -The correct EFnet uploads always have r00, r01, r02 to .rar. The fake uploads use .part01.rar, .part02.rar etc.
    -The fake uploads have the exact same name as the EFnet upload, but are posted an hour later

    If you could somehow make Leechr prefer the real files based on the tips above, that would be very great!

  10. Frank Spierings Says:

    Ashysoft: I’ve got something to contribute to Leechr.

    Those annoying password protected nzb can sometimes be blacklisted using the poster.

    For the filtering
    itemPoster = item[5]
    banned = False
    for banned_poster in BANNED_POSTERS:
    if banned_poster.lower() in itemPoster.lower():
    banned = True

    if banned:
    debug(“\t * REMOVED %s: banned poster: ‘%s'” % (item[1],itemPoster))

    Something like this for the search (NZBClub)
    #Get download Poster
    downloadPoster = re.findall(r”Poster: (.*?)”, description)[0]

    tmpItem = (downloadName, downloadID, downloadSize, downloadGroup, downloadAge, downloadPoster)

    I don’t use Bintube and I don’t have a nice way to adjust the search for NZBIndex yet (<– language dependent)..

    Hope you put this into leechr.


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