Leechr released.

There has been some problems with the new SD/HD settings, so leechr now checks for old settings and won’t run until you fix them 🙂 It should clear up some of the confusion.

Grab from: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/ or just let Leechr auto-update 🙂

v0.4.8.3 (with helpers.dat v37) – Released 09 Feb 2010
– Changed default GET_HD_VIDEO setting to False.
– Added some checks for old config settings.
– Added AUTOMARK_ACQUIRE back in since some people are still using it.


One Response to “Leechr released.”

  1. Project Questor Says:


    Please add the following to helpers.dat:

    Alt show name:
    “18 Kids and Counting”:[“19 Kids and Counting”]

    Season ep shift:
    “The Little Couple”:(2, 3, 2, 17, 0, -2), # S02E03-S02E17 > S02E01-S02E15

    Thank you so much,
    Project Questor

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