Leechr released.

Hope you all had a great christmas and new year, little bug fix for you today, as most of you noticed, NZBClub borked their timestamp and that in turn broke Leechr.
I’ve added a temporary workaround but will be coding a better solution in the coming days and hopefully some other stuff if I can get it finished.

Grab from: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/ or just let Leechr auto-update 🙂

v0.4.8.1 (with helpers.dat v34) – Released 03 Jan 2010
– Fixed crash with incomplete/corrupt timestamp from NZBClub feed.


9 Responses to “Leechr released.”

  1. Steve Says:


    This might be the wrong place for this question, but is there a way to make all the shows in my list download as HD, without listing them all individually in the ONLY_720P configuration option? I assume that DONT_GET_ANY_720P ensures that only SD is downloaded, but would changing this to False download only HD, or whichever of SD or HD is available for download first? Sorry for all the questions, but I’ve just upgraded my HTPC and want nothing but HD! :o)


  2. Slug Says:

    Ashy- Would you please add an alternate show name that removes a colon:

    “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” -> “Anthony Bourdain No Reservations”

  3. Cannings Says:

    Hmm this is a bit wierd, not quite sure if this relates to something i’ve done but am getting this whenever it finds a file

    [3/8] Searching for ‘Survivors (2008) S02E03’:
    Trying NZBClub module..
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/mnt/disk1/tmp/Leechr/leechr.py”, line 269, in
    File “/mnt/disk1/tmp/Leechr/main.py”, line 1018, in
    res = searcher.search(query)
    File “/mnt/disk1/tmp/Leechr/main.py”, line 617, in search
    return self.searcher.search(query)
    File “/mnt/disk1/tmp/Leechr/main.py”, line 526, in search
    downloadID = re.findall(r”cid=(\d*)”,r.link.string)[0]
    IndexError: list index out of range

    Any idea as to what is wrong?

    • Star Trek Steve Says:

      NBZClub changed their setup, you need to change the order in which Leechr looks at sites, put NZBclub to the end of the sites lists.


      SEARCH_MODULES = [“NZBIndex”]#, “Newzleech”] # In order of preference

      TO THIS:

      SEARCH_MODULES = [“NZBIndex”]#, “Newzleech”] #,”NZBClub” In order of preference


  4. Star Trek Steve Says:

    BTW those changes should be in main.py

  5. ashysoft Says:

    New version will be out very soon.

  6. Cannings Says:

    Cool thanks steve all done now, and looking forward to it ash

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