Leechr released.

Few bug fixes and a nice new feature that will strip out sample files from NZBs šŸ™‚
Grab from the usual place: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/

v0.4.7.1 (with helpers.dat v31) – Realeased 08 Oct 2009
– Leechr will now strip out any sample files from NZBs, saving you bandwidth and download time!
– Changed result ranking, ‘efnet’ posts will now be preferred, should cure most passworded-download problems.
– Fixed no-results bug with NZBIndex module
– Fixed index out of range crash when computing sizes
– helpers.dat changes:
v31 (07 Oct 2009):
banned-words > added ‘ipod’
banned-words > added ‘itouch’
banned-words > added ‘.mp4’
search-helpers > ‘Lie To Me’ > added ‘!charlie’


14 Responses to “Leechr released.”

  1. Bart Says:

    There’s a new show starting on the BBC, it’s called “Life”

    It needs an entry in ALT_SHOW_NAMES

    “Life (UK)”:[“Life 2009”]

  2. ashysoft Says:

    Bart –
    added to helpers 32, thanks.

  3. x-dragon Says:

    Updated – works wonders your program, thanks again.

  4. Slug Says:

    Mr. Ashysoft-

    I’ve noticed that Leechr won’t find some shows. I think I narrowed the issue down to NZBIndex’s handling of negation operators. It doesn’t appear to support the !720p search term. It searches for it as a literal, which never exists in the filename.

    Ah, found it on their forums. They use a minus sign instead of the exclamation point. Appetite for a release?

    On another note, I have found the new search engines deliver failed nzb’s more often than the original. Is there any way that Leechr could figure out if there was a failure and pull the next available nzb? On SABnzbd+, it looks like ‘_FAILED_Dexter S04E05’ as the directory name in the completed directory. Not sure about others. Kinda a reach ask, but it’d make the process so much more automated. Thanks as always.

    • ashysoft Says:

      Hi Slug,

      Leechr automatically converts !’s to -‘s for NZBIndex searches.
      What shows are you having problems with?


  5. eamonn faherty Says:

    Great work! Thanks a million!

    I love your script!

    Any chance of getting newzbin.com support?

  6. rb Says:

    Some more alt-show names: (UK)

    “Merlin (2008)”:[“Merlin”],
    “Doctor Who (2005)”:[“Doctor Who”],

  7. Geqxon Says:


    I was wondering if I could do a feature request.

    I, for instance, love the show Fifth Gear. It is a great show and I want Leechr to download all the latest episodes. It is currently at season 16.

    My problem is, that I haven’t yet seen the first three seasons (aired in 2002 to 2003). They are impossible to acquire. And now, Leechr tries to download all three seasons each and every night, which is quit time-consuming and rather silly.

    I would love to see a feature in Leechr so it can ignore episodes from more than 3 months ago.

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