Leechr 0.4.7 released.

As you all know, Newzleech has borked their rss feed which basically borked Leechr too, the good news is Leechr now also supports NZBClub and NZBIndex and most likely more in the future, grab from the usual place: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/

v0.4.7 (with helpers.dat v30) – Released 03 Oct 2009
– Added more search modules, searches will now use Newzleech, NZBClub and NZBIndex. (Many thanks to Rick Pass for all his hard work)
– Removed acquired.log functionality, it was no longer needed.
v30 (03 Oct 2009):
banned-words > added ‘tvs presents’
banned-words > added ‘iphone’
v29 (02 Oct 2009):
alt-names > ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ > added ‘Law and Order SVU’
daily-shows > added ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’
named-shows > added ‘Nature’


8 Responses to “Leechr 0.4.7 released.”

  1. Solarbaby Says:

    Thanks so much!! Leechr 0.4.7 works better then the original, even before things got messed up. Great Job!!

  2. rb Says:

    Thanks , works great again.

    But I did have to change the config a bit, it downloaded got password-protected shows from “alt.binaries.tv”

    To remove them I put this in leechr.conf:
    ALLOWED_GROUPS = (“alt.binaries.tvseries”, “alt.binaries.multimedia”, “alt.binaries.hdtv”, “alt.binaries.hdtv.x264”)

    The real cause is probably that nzbindex is returning hits in a diffferent order than newzleech, and leechr picks the 1st hit.

  3. Solarbaby Says:

    Flash Forward is passworded

  4. Cannings Says:

    I’m noticing something from todays listings, not sure if it is this problem but it seems to be returning nothing found immediately on titles that include a !xxxx for example house !wives and heroes !unmasked not sure if this is a problem with the rss’s from the new new sites or not

    • Cannings Says:

      by altering the !wives and !unmasked to -wives and -unmasked in the helpers.dat it allowed the shows to be found

  5. ashysoft Says:

    rb, Solarbaby, Cannings, all should be working in 🙂

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