Leechr released.

Couple of bug fixes and some new helpers for you today, grab from the usual place: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/

v0.4.6.3 (with helpers.dat v28) – Released 03 Sep 2009
– Fixed crash with missing acquired.log.
– Fixed crash with running Leechr from a directory other than its own.
– helpers,dat changes:
v28 (03 Sep 2009):
alt-names > ‘Flash Forward (2009)’ > added ‘Flash Forward’
alt-names > ‘Rush (2008)’ > added ‘Rush’
search-helper > ‘Rush (2008)’ > added ‘!sugar’
v27 (13 Aug 2009):
alt-names > ‘The Colony (US)’ > added ‘The Colony’


6 Responses to “Leechr released.”

  1. echobucket Says:

    Could you add “Real Time With Bill Maher” to DAILY_SHOWS and “Nature” to NAMED_SHOWS ?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Sam Pettit Says:

    Since before the summer TV break, I have been unable to use Leechr, which I find enormously valuable! When I attempt to run I am running leechr.py in WinXP SP3, a command window appears, remaining blank then goes away with no result. I am thinking it has something to do with my install of Python? I have reinstalled(updated) both to no avail. Any ideas?

  3. Slug Says:

    Leechr has also broken for me. It appears to be looking for the shows, but always fails to find them. When I copy the search string from the dos window and paste it into newzleech, it finds lots of nzb’s. Upgraded to .4.6.3, but still doing the same. Anyone else experience the same?

  4. echobucket Says:

    Same thing here. Quite annoying. I’m guessing newzleech.com changed it’s format somehow.

  5. echobucket Says:

    Looks like newzleech.com’s rss feeds are down.

    curl http://newzleech.com/rss.php?s=The+Simpsons&n=80

    returns “Nothing Found”

  6. ashysoft Says:

    Get v0.4.7 🙂

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