Leechr 0.4.5 released.


v0.4.5 (with helpers.dat v12) – Released 07 Mar 2009
– Fixed logging bug with unicode chars.
– Added DAYS_EARLY to conf, allows you to specify how many days results are allowed before air-date. (default is 2.0)


4 Responses to “Leechr 0.4.5 released.”

  1. X-DraGoN Says:

    I didn’t have any issues, but I updated anyway, thanks again, marvellous work!

  2. Bart Says:

    I’ve added some new code to leechr, Some shows, like NOVA are released with only the name of the episode, not the date or the EPnumbers… so I added a new option which gets the ep name from myepisodes.com for shows listed in NAMED_SHOWS in helpers.dat.

    Seemed to work well for NOVA at least.

    Where can I send patches?

  3. Slug Says:

    The Soup is posted with dates rather than episodes, and America’s Next Top Model is missing episode 2, so needs to be shifted(assuming 13 total episodes):

    “America’s Next Top Model”:(12, 3, 12, 14, 0, -1) # S12E03-S12E014 > S12E02-S12E013

    “The Soup”

  4. ashysoft Says:

    Have added those to helpers v14 for you Slug.

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