Leechr 0.4.2 released.

I have released Leechr 0.4.2 with helpers.dat update 9
This release adds and fixes a few things but those that watch ’24’ will notice that searches are now better 🙂
Grab it from the usual place: http://code.google.com/p/leechr/

v0.4.2 (with helpers.dat v9) – Released 05 Feb 2009
– Results from before the show air-date are now ignored.
– Added Retention Limit to leechr.conf, any results older than this will be ignored.
– Added some http headers when opening urls, should cure caching problems while updating.
– Some characters are now automatically removed from show names while searching.
– helpers.dat changes:
v9 (05 Feb 2009):
search-helpers > ‘House’ > removed !full (causing problems)
search-helpers > ’24’ > added !german (damn germans post too much crap)
alt-names > ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ > entry not required, quotes automatically removed.
banned words > added dutch, german and dubbed
v8 (02 Feb 2009):
alt-names > ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)’ > added ‘Star Wars The Clone Wars’
v7 (30 Jan 2009):
search-helper > ‘The Beast (2009)’ > added ‘!beauty’
alt-name > ‘The Beast (2009)’ > added ‘The Beast’


5 Responses to “Leechr 0.4.2 released.”

  1. Rosarch Says:

    Nice one – thanks m8 🙂

  2. ashysoft Says:

    You are welcome, let me know if you have any further problems 🙂

  3. ChuckyDevil Says:

    Just stumbled to this piece of software and I must say.. This is what I was looking for!! Amazing job!

  4. X-DraGoN Says:

    Just updated, thanks!
    Still running nicely om my server 🙂

  5. ashysoft Says:

    Thanks guys, should have another update for you all soon 🙂

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