Leechr 0.4.1 released and helpers.dat update v6

Some minor updates to Leechr..

– Changed helpers.dat update hash-check from MD5 to SHA1 (google automatically generates SHA1)
– Added helpers.dat version number display when loading it.
– Shifting notification moved to Search line. (was ugly before 😉
– Tidied up some code and added more debugging info.

And helpers.dat update v6:

v6 – 23 Jan 2009
* Added alt-name for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


3 Responses to “Leechr 0.4.1 released and helpers.dat update v6”

  1. X-DraGoN Says:

    Updated to the latest version without a hick-up, nice work! (from v 0.3)

  2. Rosarch Says:

    Having issues downing 24, tried downloading 24 S07E06 (and last weeks episode) and for some reason it downed mash.s07e06 🙂

  3. ashysoft Says:

    I am aware of the issue with ’24’ and I am working on a solution 🙂

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