Leechr helpers.dat update v5

Added helpers for the following shows:
Heroes, Hustle

Leechr will automatically update the next time you run it.


8 Responses to “Leechr helpers.dat update v5”

  1. Rosarch Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Rosarch Says:

    Hmm, worked for two hustles (s05e02/ s05e03) but not the others, heroes is still downing heroes.unmasked. I know you use http://www.newzleech.com/ so I tried to access that to see if they were there but I cant seem to get on the site.

  3. ashysoft Says:

    Hmm, I’ll look into when Newzleech starts working again.

  4. Rosarch Says:

    Leave it for now 🙂 I have just realized that I had not downloaded v5 of helpers.dat – it didn’t down automatically, I have just downed this and will test later – cheers

  5. Rosarch Says:

    OK worked out the issue, when I run leechr it is updating helpers.dat to version 4

  6. ashysoft Says:

    Can you delete helpers.dat and run Leechr again.

  7. Rosarch Says:

    Deleted helpers.dat and downloaded again, still downloading v4 😦

  8. ashysoft Says:

    Turns out this was some wierd cache issue or google code being stupid. Cause was not found 😦

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