Leechr 0.3.1 released.

I hope you all had a good xmas and new year 🙂

Few fixes for you today

– Results are now only allowed from a select few groups (currently only: a.b.tv, a.b.tvseries, a.b.mm, a.b.hdtv, a.b.hdtv.x264).
– Redone system for alternative show-names and search-helpers.
– Should now ignore ‘PS3’ encodes. Get a real media player guys 😉
– Should now ignore subbed/nlsub releases.
– Switched from MD5 module to hashlib as MD5 module is deprecated.
– Fixed character encoding crash problem temporarily.


5 Responses to “Leechr 0.3.1 released.”

  1. X-DraGoN Says:

    hey, nice program, but I have a bit of an issue with it. I first start the program with “python leechr.py” and it tells me:
    Leechr v0.3.1 (C)2008 Paul Ashton
    Fatal Error: Error reading leechr.conf
    But the leechr.conf has been chmodded to 777 as is leechr.py
    Any ideas what might cause this?

  2. ashysoft Says:

    Leechr looks in the current directory for the .conf file.
    Make sure that you are running it from within the leechr directory.

  3. X-DraGoN Says:

    I did exactly that, I even tried changing the .py-file to point directly, giving the full path, to the .conf-file. Wouldn’t help unfortunately.
    Any more ideas what might cause this?

  4. X-DraGoN Says:

    Ha!, I got it to work…
    When I added the dir where the NZB files should be imported 2, it was a very long path and the explanation moved to the next line and thus creating and extra line that wasn’t quoted out.
    this became “NZBDir = “” # This is where Leechr will save the NZB files to.”
    NZBDir = “/path/to/a/very/long/dir/…………………………………….” # This is where Leechr will save the NZB files to.”

  5. ashysoft Says:

    Glad you got it sorted out!
    I’ll see about moving those comments 🙂

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