Leechr 0.3 released.

The one you have all been waiting for! With auto-mark-as-acquired goodness 🙂


– Finally! Leechr can now automatically mark your episodes on MyEpisodes.com as ‘Acquired’ but..
– Leechr now requires your actual password instead of the MD5 hash.
– First-time setup is now quicker/easier thanks to ‘mark_all_acquired.py’ script. (See the readme)
– Fixed ‘Greek’ search results.
– Fixed crashing with shows with unicode characters in their name.
– Filtered out some characters that would result in an invalid filename.


2 Responses to “Leechr 0.3 released.”

  1. David Says:

    Hey there
    Great work – a really good script!
    I’m finding that it’s downloading German episodes … any way to build a preference in so it only picks up episodes in a language of your choice?
    Also – any chance of getting it to work with newzbin too? 🙂
    CHeers though… was using PADS before … this seems better 🙂

  2. ashysoft Says:

    Time of day is important when running the script as the german versions seem to come out first for some shows. I will however try to work around this problem.
    I have no plans to implement newzbin support.
    Thanks for the comments 🙂

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