Leechr 0.2.3 released.

Lots of things fixed/added in this release and Leechr is much better because of it.
I hope you enjoy the changes 🙂


– Fixed a bug with invalid characters in NZB filenames, doh!

– Fixed a potential config file loading problem
– Leechr will now keep trying to contact myeps/newzleech until it gets a response (can be turned off in leechr.conf)
– Logging can now be enabled. See LOGGING in leechr.conf
– Show names and ep numbers are now displayed before attempting to search for them.
– You can now ignore shows. See IGNORE_SHOWS in leechr.conf
– Leechr now checks for an updated version of itself when it starts up.
– Leechr will now keep track of acquired shows so it doesn’t try to download the same shows again. (You should still tell MyEps that they are acquired though or problems will arise)
– New result-scoring system, should now get the best version of the episode that is available.


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