HD Usage Screenlet v0.1 released!

Another day, another screenlet, this time a nice HD usage app, enjoy 🙂

Download: gnome-look.org



3 Responses to “HD Usage Screenlet v0.1 released!”

  1. vishy Says:

    I am unable to run the screenlets. I am using screenlets version 0.0.14,
    Looks like the screenlets could not be compatible with 0.0.14.

    Could you please confirm on this.



  2. malocite Says:

    Hey! I downloaded your HD Usage Screenlet. I like it, very clean and simple looking. An idea for a future upgrade would be the ability to see the status of mounted NFS drives on other machines. For example. I have 2 mounted NFS shares in another computer that I constantly move files to. It would be nice to be able to see the remaining space there so I know when I have to delete old junk!

    Thanks again for the cool little screenlet!

  3. Dominick Says:

    Love it, but would like to have the bars be vertical. Any way to make this happen?

    (Perhaps just a check box that switches the way the text is displayed – horizontally or vertically? )

    Thanks for the great screenlet!

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