Clock Ring Screenlet v0.3 released

Bug-fix release.

v0.3 (22/03/2008)
– Fixed Hour/Sec overlap bug
– Added option to check for new versions at startup


6 Responses to “Clock Ring Screenlet v0.3 released”

  1. Aliosha Says:

    I *would* use this… but I don’t think i can change it to GMT +1 (my timezone). Is there/will there be a way?

  2. m3alnemer Says:


    I installed it by moving the screenlet folder to ~/.screenlets ,but all hands stays on 12 =(

    Imaging clock with great idea!

  3. m3alnemer Says:

    My fault i should sudo mv (screenlets) /usr/share/screenlets or something like that

    GREEEEEEAaaaaaaaaaaT clock

  4. ashysoft Says:

    It should pick up and use your local time automatically.

  5. SMAUG Says:

    Hi, is there any possibility to print names on clock? I mean name of month, day, hour, minutes, ect.?
    I’m looking to find something similar to this example wallpaper:

    Anyway, it’s a really great work.
    Thank U

  6. Lastcoder Says:


    nice screenlet, but it shows always one bar – hours, times, second – more than real time passed away ..

    Means: 14.10:20 – shows 3 Bars for hour, 11 bars for minutes and 21 bars for seconds …

    So long


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