Netmon Screenlet v0.2 released

I have released v0.2 of my Netmon Screenlet, grab from

v0.2 (20/03/2008)
– Added options to disable upload/download data so you can have two seperate graphs should you want to.
– Added bit/byte display.
– Added line-graph mode with the option to fill (Now the default as I think it looks nicer 😉
– Added line-width option
– Added configurable text, now YOU get to decide what info to display 🙂
– Reworked the graph scaling, you can now overscale by a percentage and/or scale the graph to a certain size.
– Changed the default colors to opaque so people without compositing can see things. (Damn you screenlets .12)


4 Responses to “Netmon Screenlet v0.2 released”

  1. inv Says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for this really usefull screenlet for people on limited usage connections 😀

    Just wanted to know if there’s an option for recording data for the entire month? I found options for daily up/down but not for monthly. Is there any way to do it? 🙂


  2. Toxic Says:

    Very nice. Can you please add skin support. HDDUsage default skin looks cool, however ascetic black rectangle of NetMon isn’t so cool 🙂

  3. Tomas Says:

    Very nice and useful !

    But I would like to see an option to be able to set a user defined scale separately for upload and download. As it is with ADSL the speed differ very much between up- and download, so it would be nice to be able to set the scales for example to 20 Mbit for the download and to 2 Mbit for the upload.

    Perhabs this could be implemented in the next release?

  4. Sarmed Rahman Says:

    Thanks. I love it 🙂

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